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Members of Bangalow Landcare group 2010

Bangalow Land and Rivercare Group was formed in 1998 by a few locals who were concerned with water quality and algal blooms in Byron Creek which had caused a large fish kill downstream from the junction of Maori and Byron Creeks. The initial reaction was to blame the sewerage treatment works located 2 km away on Maori Creek. Representatives from the Department of Land and Water suggested there were many contributing factors resulting in the poor condition of Byron Creek and its tributaries. They advised us to form a Landcare group to manage the overall catchment area.
After holding a public meeting our group formed consisting of a core membership of approximately 10 to 15 families. We work on public and private projects, which is listed in more detail under Current Projects. Over the past five years we have fenced off and regenerated over 2 kms of creek frontage with indigenous rainforest trees.


The aim of our group is to repair the Riparian buffer zone along approximately 6 kms of Byron Creek from the Bangalow Showground to Binna Burra. Vegetation along rivers (Riparian Zone) plays an important part in total catchment management by maintaining and improving the quality of our rivers and creeks. Most creeks when depleted of their vegetation will nearly double in width and become significantly more shallow. Creek bank erosion and sedimentation bring this about. Clearing, trampling by stock and camphor laurel roots causing undercutting and bank collapse are all contributing factors to stream bank erosion in our area. Appropriate native riverine vegetation prevents this from occurring by strengthening the banks with their binding root systems. Riparian vegetation also shades out weed and algal growth. The creek will flow deeper and cooler if shaded with riparian buffer zones. Overhanging trees reduce evaporation and increases its oxygen holding.Well vegetated riparian zones can act as a buffer between the watercourse and adjacent farming land, trapping pollutants and reducing run off from gullies etc.
Planting local species has other benefits including providing a seed source for natural regeneration as well as a food source and habitat area  for wildlife.

Overview 1998 – 2017

Some milestones of the group and other activities:

1998 – First project – bank planting at Bangalow Pool

2000 – First successful grant application – Olympic site

2001 – Beginning of many Community plantings – Olympic site

2002 – Natural Heritage Grant to plant 3500 trees at Potter’s

2005 – Herrmann’s Stage 2 over 3000 trees planted along Byron Creek

2007 – Successful Envirofund grant application – over $36,000 for the Bangalow sports field planting

2008 – Community planting day – sports fields (Envirofund project)

2008 – First Big Scrub Day information stand Rocky Ck Dam

2008 – 10th anniversary celebrated in December

2009 – Big Scrub Day held in Bangalow – hosted a walk through the Sport Field (Envirofund) project

2009 – Successfully completed the Envirofund project

2010 – First Indigenous regeneration team to help

2011 – No new works, time spent consolidating existing projects

2012 – Wetland construction  completed

2014 – Allsouls Church planting Stage 1. 850 trees planted along Byron Creek

2016 – Allsouls Church planting Stage 2. 3500 plants to be planted to connect Stage 1 up to Bangalow Pool. Made possible by a 20 Millon Trees grant, planting starts April 10th.

2017 – Trees labeled along the Riverwalk form the Bangalow Parklands to the length of the sports fields.

2018 – We are turning 20! Work continues on our major sites controling weeds and increasing diversity.

Workshops: Cat’s Claw Creeper, Weed Identification, Fatherhood Festival planting, Toad Musters, Bangalow school children planting – various sites.


Landcare like most groups is underfunded so memberships are one way we can help ourselves to pay for the materials we need. Memberships are kept to a minimum and are yearly $25 per family or $15 single. Membership means you covered by our insurance when working on our sites and your contact details will be added to our list (upon your approval) so activities can be advised and other members contacted.

To become a supporter please see ‘Patrons to the Environment’ page. memberships/donations to:

The Treasurer
Bangalow Landcare Rivercare, c/o 10 Burrawan Place,  Bangalow 2479

Or direct deposit to Summerland Credit Union
BSB 728-728Account No: 22209164 Ban

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