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3rd Apr

Cane toads still a problem

Those of us who were around in the 1960s (and who can remember anything at all!) would recall the incredible numbers of toads in those years. You’d be kicking them off the path to get in the front door. They were thick on the roads, and the stories of dogs and other critters dropping after a poison spray from a toad were widespread. Read More »

13th Mar

Bangalow to the beach

The link between the state of our creeks and the health of the ocean.

In Australia, the days are gone, thankfully – when the ocean was seen as a suitable place to dispose of our wastes. It is no longer acceptable (or legal!) to directly dump pollutants and rubbish into the marine environment. But there are still vast quantities of contaminants making their way from coastal catchments, flowing into streams and rivers then out into the ocean. Read More »