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Weeds ? Plants growing where they are not wanted
Here on the north coast we have plenty of those. Most weeds are recognizable to most people, plant names such as Camphor laurel, Privet and Lantana are almost dirty words to anyone who cares about their garden. When working in the environment many other plants become familiar as ‘weeds’ that most of us would not think of as a problem.

Plant selection for our gardens should be well thought out as many non-native plants have the ability to produce copious amounts of viable seed and have very successful dispersal mechanisms. Dumping of garden waste into parks and reserves is another way these weeds get into our forests. It is always best to compost weeds and particularly the seeds.

Here is a list of some of the plants now appearing commonly as weeds in the local bush land: Jacaranda, Golden Rain tree, Duranta, Cocos palm, coffee, loquat and cherry guavas as well as other exotic fruits as they become more widely grown. The seeds of these ones are spread by the wind or by birds. Many others have the potential to get out of hand so please think carefully before you plant.

For information about weeds and their eradication visit these sites:


The five most persistent weeds in Byron Creek Catchment are

  • Cat’s Claw Creeper
  • Small and large leaf Privet
  • Madeira Vine
  • Balloon Vine
  • Camphor Laurel

Different areas can have a varying range of weeds depending on seed source and dispersal method.

The troublesome Madeira Vine.

Fortunately the flowers are infertile & propagation is vegetative i.e. by tubers The tubers are clearly shown here. Each germinates very readily once it lands on the soil. Early stage of rapid vine growth. The vine completely covers the underlying foliage and will eventually smother and kill all in it’s path.

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