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3rd Dec

Flying Foxes – Important to our forests 0

Flying Foxes – Important to our forests

There are 4 species of Flying foxes along the east coast of Australia with their main diet being pollen, nectar and fruit. They are the main pollinator of hardwood forests as well as rainforest and with a range of 50km they are also a valuable spreader of seed. One species, the Grey Headed Flying Fox is listed as a threatened species mainly due to slow reproduction rates, slow sexual maturity of males and high infant mortality rate. Continue reading »

18th Sep

Platypus in Bangalow 0

In the deep shadow in the bend of the creek a small swirl barely disturbs the surface but the aware watcher is instantly alert. The larger spreading ring and ripple that follows and the tell-tale arched back of a dark-coloured furry animal says “platypus”. They are usually only seen in very early morning or late evening. To see them you need to be patient and quiet. And don’t try to pick one up, as the males have spurs on their back legs with some serious venom that will cause excruciating pain. Continue reading »