Little Maori Creek/Cedardale

Cedardale, Bangalow

A 200m stretch of the eastern side of Little Maori Creek was planted by Landcare volunteers and residents of Cedardale in September 2001. The land was donated by the neighbouring landholder while Byron Shire Council financed the trees and provided the mulch, water saving crystals and tree guards.

The area was slashed and then glyphosate was sprayed in 1 meter circles at 2 meter intervals. On the planting day about 250 plants were planted with water crystals, mulched, tree guarded and watered in. Over the next 2 weeks a further 200 were added. In total 500 trees and shrubs were be planted, some were kept in reserve to replace any losses.

The use of tree guards was necessary to prevent rabbit damage but were also useful against frost and to help keep a moist microclimate around plants during the drought of spring 2002. Losses on this site even during some extreme conditions have been minimal due to the bags and the use of water crystals to see them through the dry. Weed infestation has not been a problem due to minimal use of spraying to start with and the good maintenance it receives from the neighbours ie: mowing.

It is hoped to continue this planting further down the creek and to the opposite bank when the initial planting is beyond needing maintenance.

Noelene at planting. Planter bags improved the success rate.

2010 Update

Only minor losses along this planting but it would hardly be noticed to see it today. Not quite to canopy closure but all very steadily growing and this is not far away. A lesson learned from this planting was not to use the planter bags within range of flood water. The water either brings them down to crush the plants or worse carries them into the waterway.

No further work is planned at this time.