Potters Stages 1 & 2

Entry written in 2002

Located 2 kms out of Bangalow on the Lismore Road this was the first project undertaken by this group.
We received a grant from the Natural Heritage Trust for $7,500 in June 1999. This was used to plant 3,500 trees on a 1-hectare site at the
junction of Maori and Byron Creeks. The original vegetation cover was severely denuded except for about 3 native trees on a bend in the creek.

Objectives included stabilizing the creek bank, fencing out cattle and shading the water to impede weed growth as there was a problem with smart-weed choking the creek.

We encountered many problems along the way, two years of drought followed by severe frosts. Weed infestation was a major problem and
spraying was carried out for two years, now we find that the area can be controlled with mowing and brush cutting. The original planting was done in rows that had been ripped, this was to assist in mowing between the rows. We have replanted twice in some areas.

The stage 1 site is now progressing quite well with Stage 2 requiring possibly two more major planting days. We are now only planting with
very frost tolerant species e.g.; Water Gums, Sally Wattles, Pittosporum and White Cedars. Once the canopy closure has been reached more species diversity will be added at future working days.

Update 2010

Several follow up plantings have filled this site, canopy closure has now been achieved. Future work here will be limited to weed removal.

This area was under threat by the proposed southern bypass, it has now been saved.

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